Brigger furniture is designed to be simple and elegant. We have traveled across the US and Europe to assemble a rich and varied collection of fabrics. We use only the finest native hardwoods harvested sustainably from the northeastern United States. Become your own interior designer!

Modern Mid-century Contemporary

For the full line of Klein furniture the term “design” is both about the style of the pieces and the fact that clients can design the look, feel and fit of their purchases.

Modern Recliner

Modern Flip Flop Recliner

The line’s style is best described as mid-century contemporary in that it is open, light, organic in its shapes, often of natural woods with daubs of fabric color and of a formal style innovation when seen from the standpoint of design, new materials, and innovative production techniques.

See the Wikipedia entry on “Modern Furniture”

The name, derived from building and furniture styles popular in the 1950s through 1970s, is often represented in popular culture by Danish modern or Scandinavian and most currently is revived in the long-running series “Mad Men” which reprises the style in its production sets.

The Klein Design line also represents the functional style, another 20th century design form in that it is designed for functionality in a piece, rejecting imitation of mainline forms that veer sharply away from functionality. Instead the Klein Design strip away the extraneous and design for comfort in use and durability. By design the furniture is modular and can be altered during constructed to fit an individual’s measurements and sitting preferences.

Functionality, as always a culturally determined condition, in the urbanized environment is enhanced by the fact that all this furniture can be disassembled for easy moving in the often nomadic existence we follow.

Finally it embodies the democratizing spirit of the Bauhaus movement as well, combining a functional design ethos, handcraft and machine production techniques and material sourcing that allows the furniture to be accessibly priced.

The outward form of the chairs is not the only thing that has been designed.

The construction process itself has been designed so that the chairs are customizable to the body configuration of the individual. See the “Fitting Room” to see what measurements the buyer can specify in their own seating piece. And along with ergonomic customization to make the chair more functional, the appearance of the chairs is also fitted to the individual. Buyers can specify a wide range of natural and synthetic upholstery and a variety of wood stain shades.”