At Klein Design we make Brigger Furniture to your personal measurements. Ergonomic comfort requires that the seat fit your body. Your overall height is a rough guide, but the proportions of your body matter greatly. This can be a little tricky sometimes. The most crucial measurement is the Seat Depth and Height and it otherwise known as the Popliteal Point. To find your measurements and popliteal point, follow the instructions below:
To make a seat that fits you personally we need your measurements shown in the drawing. Place a stool against a wall, sit up straight against the wall and rest your feet, with or without shoes, on the floor. If you are short you should select a stool that is sufficiently low and short to meet these requirements. Short persons or anyone preferring to sit barefoot should measure without shoes to make sure the seat will not be high with legs left dangling.

Shoulder and head measurement above seat

Have someone measure the distance from the seat’s surface to your shoulders and the top of your head.

The point of measurement behind your knees is referred to as the popliteal point

Popliteal Depth

Measure from the wall to the popliteal point

Popliteal Height

Measure from the floor to the popliteal point and indicate whether measured with or without shoes.
Measure Yourself